Tower of the bound fox is an adult roguelike game, taking place in a classic medieval fantasy world.

The game contains written sex scenes which appear when the player triggers a trap, is hit by a special attack or is defeated by an enemy. 

The main objective is to explore a dangerous tower, full of traps and monster. In this place, you will find powerful items and equipment, which will help you to defeat the various monsters and boss inhabiting the tower.

Each enemy triggers its own unique defeat scene, and the game over is contextual, depending on the enemy who defeated you.

During your adventures, you will experiment various transformation, into different creatures, those transformation affecting the gameplay and the attributes of your character.
You will also encounter a variety of NPC, some of them helping you in your quest in their own ways.
Of course, it’ll be possible to interact with those NPC, and some of them will have their own unique sex scenes.

The game is heavily focused on bondage and transformations (and on sex, of course !).


Some fetishes in the game :

  • Bondage
  • Transformation : sex change (can be disabled) and transformation into creatures
  • M/M (if you play as a male)
  • F/M
  • Gangbang
  • Pregnancy (in some game over scenes)
  • Petrification