Update 0.2.5


– Added : New trap appearing after the 10th floor : commissioned by Barados!

– Changed : The game now replaces ‘legs’ and ‘feet’ by ‘tail’ is the character has one

– Changed : More chance to trigger a ‘sex trap’ proportionally to other traps

– Fixed : Defeating the boss is now correctly saved

– Fixed : Items outside the selling screen

Also, for a number of reasons, I decided to stop my patreon page.

The main reason is that, with my work and other projects, I don’t have the time to do enough update to justify this patreon page.

I feel bad to receive money if I can only do two small updates each month.

However, I will continue to work on the game, it’s just, from now on, every update will be public.

Unfortunately, with the patreon guideline I can’t make public post with the link of the game, since it’s a sex game, but you can follow the development on the other websites (the dev blog, fenoxo forum, tfgamesite or my FA account)

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  1. You could open a tip-jar, like a ko-fi. This would allow you to receive tips from donators, while not feeling obligated to keep deadlines because of the patreon page

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