Update 0.2.3

– Added : New drops for the Thief, Spear goblin, and the Golem : 2 new potions (large energy and large mana), 5 new ‘unique’ items, 2 new equipment dropped by enemies
– Added : Sound + animation for the naga spit attack
– Added : Pictures for Aidan
– Added : NPC expression can change during a dialogue
– Changed : Animation are now played before the even screen
– Changed : NPCs texts improved
– Changed : New background/font for the event screen
– Changed : The font size for the even screen is now independent of the screen resolution. Bigger resolutions display more text to the screen. Please tell me if you would be interested by an option to change the font size in the configuration menu
– Fixed : Fonts were cut/aliased
– Fixed : Full-screen cutting the left edge of the screen
– Fixed : Thief’s smoke attack appearance
– Fixed : Special equipment dropped by enemies were already identified, but with no bonus


– Added : The game is now compatible with Linux and Mac!

-For playing with Linux :
You need to download and install Mono with its dependencies
You also need to download and install the Linux version of Monogame
After that, you can start the game with « mono Tower of the bound      fox.exe »

– For playing with Mac :
You need to download and install Mono
After that, open a terminal in the game folder, and you can start the      game with « mono Tower of the bound fox.exe »

– Added : You can now encounter Myrina inside the tower. She sells various goods and equipment. She can also sell identified special equipment.
She will react if the player is wearing bondage gear, and  if you want a discount, she has a special scene (with small variants depending on what bondage gear is player is wearing) for that!


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