Update 0.2.1

– Added : First version of the village
– Added : 3 NPCs inside the village : One equipements shop, one items shop, one inn
– Added : One new scroll: for teleporting back to the village
– Added : You can go to the village if you go down from the starting map. Later you will start directly inside the village, but I need the change the introduction.
– Added : You return to the village after fighting the first boss. That also mean it’s not possible anymore to go highter than the 10st floor (but that was useless since there are no new content after the boss)
– Added : You can see how much gold you have in the inventory screen
– Changed : I’ve made the game sightly harder, since it’s now possible to restore lives in the village
– Changed : I’ve changed all the musics since I’ve discovered recently the author doesn’t want his music used in « obscene materials ». Honestly I think it’s for the better, now all the musics are from the same soundtrack, and it’s much more homegenous. I think the new dungeon music fits more to the new dungeon’s atmosphere too.


– Added : New enemy : Goblin spear bearer. She starts appearing at the 11th floor. This is a more classic enemy (no TF/TG special attack), she still has her own special attack though. She is probably too strong, but this will be balanced later, when new enemies will be added.
– Added: Fading + Sound when sleeping at the INN
– Added/Changed: Character description screen improved by Perri (proofreading, some sentences improved, and breasts description expended)
– Added/Changed: You can now go up to the 15th floor. After beating the first boss, you can start from the 11th floor.
– Changed: New font for the events screen and NPC screens. Unfortunately because of a weird bug in the framework I’m using, the text is not perfectly drawn on the screen (some characters are cut or aliased). I’ve spent 5-6 hours trying to fix this, without success. In the next update, I will change my method, and will create one font bitmap per screen resolution.
– Changed: It’s now automatically calculated when the event text should be refreshed, so the text should never appear outside the event box now
– Fixed: Small pause between music loops
– Fixed: Escaping the configuration menu with the escape key now correctly save the changes
– Fixed: For some resolution, the NPC text was blurred every other line

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