Update 0.2

Big update!
I’ve added the village for the patreon version! This first version is a very rough draft of what I want to do but it contains the first three NPCs of the game.
Two merchants, for buying and selling stuff, and one inn for restoring energy/mana and lives.

Next versions add will NPCs restoring/changing the character’s appearence, improving the goods selled by the shops, improving the player’s weapons, …

Adding the village was essential before continuing the tower,

There will also be a merchant inside the tower later. She will appear randomly but will sell better stuff.

– Added : I’ve coded a light dynamic lighting engine for the game. I think everything looks a lot less ‘flat’ this way.
– Added : New tab in the inventory, for the rings
– Added : One new map part
– Changed : It’s not possible anymore to shoot through obstacles, but arrows can now be shoot through water and pit tiles
– Changed : The description of the heal spell is clearer
– Fixed : Scroll of identification were usable multiple times on the same item
– Fixed : Unidentified items were automatically identified after loading a save. Unfortunately, if you load an old save, every unworn special items will be unidentified since the information was not correctly saved.
– Fixed : Enemies appearing an obstacles
– Fixed : Graphical glitch where chest or sack were on top of bones/grass
– Fixed : Enemy appearing only after the first turn
– Fixed : Text off screen for the thief game over, if the player was not wearing any chastity device.
– Changed : I’ve changed all the musics, I’ve discovered recently the authors doesn’t want his music used inside « obscene materials ». Honestly I think it’s for the better, now all the musics came from the same soundtrack, and it’s much more homegenous. I think the new dungeon music fit more to the new ambient too.

– Added : First version of the village
– Added : 3 NPCs inside the village : One equipements shop, one items shop, one inn
– Added : One new scroll: for teleporting back to the village
– Added : You can go to the village if you go down from the starting map. Later you will start directly inside the village, but I need the change the introduction.
– Added : You return to the village after fighting the first boss. That also mean it’s not possible anymore to go highter than the 10st floor (but that was useless since there are no new content after the boss)
– Added : You can see how much gold you have in the inventory screen
– Changed : I’ve made the game sightly harder, since it’s now possible to restore lives in the village
– Changed : I’ve changed all the musics since I’ve discovered recently the author doesn’t want his music used in « obscene materials ». Honestly I think it’s for the better, now all the musics are from the same soundtrack, and it’s much more homegenous. I think the new dungeon music fits more to the new dungeon’s atmosphere too.



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